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Green Chemistry and Commerce Council
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May 8-10, 2013

8th Annual GC3 Innovators Roundtable

Dear Colleagues,

Johnson and Johnson is hosting the 8th Annual GC3 Innovators Roundtable on May 8-10, 2013 in New Brunswick, NJ.  The Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (GC3) is a collaboration of more than 60 leading firms supporting innovation and the development of safer products through the use of green chemistry and design for environment practices.  By providing an open business-to-business forum for participants to discuss and share information and experiences regarding their efforts to lower the toxicity of chemicals in their supply chains, the GC3 offers a unique opportunity for cross-sectoral dialog to overcome barriers to innovation and to place upstream and downstream pressures on supply chains to motivate safer chemistry.  The engine of the organization's success is its project groups, which annually focus on various project deliverables of interest to its members. Current project groups include:

The GC3 Innovators Roundtable brings together over 100 leading companies across sectors and supply chains that are shaping the market for safer chemicals and products. As in years past, the Innovators Roundtable will feature highly engaging and relevant panels and discussion sessions, project group discussions and networking events.  Topics for this year’s roundtable include:

  • Encouraging Green Chemistry and the Selection of Safer Ingredients in the Personal Care Sector
  • Advancing Safer Chemistry in Medical Devices
  • Closing the Gap Between What Companies Need and What the Chemical Industry is Offering
  • Measuring Progress Toward Safer Chemical Use in Processes and Products

Companies that attend the Roundtable and the GC3 itself find a number of important benefits from participation: They are able to connect with sustainability leaders from a range of industry sectors to share experiences and lessons about current challenges and opportunities for advancing safer chemicals across supply chains.  They are also able to collaborate on dynamic projects that advance green chemistry in product design, manufacturing, and procurement.

I encourage you to come to the GC3 and to bring along colleagues in your firm, sector and supply chain so that they can experience the high level of engagement and positive discussions that have been the hallmark of the GC3 for the past eight years!  I look forward to seeing you in this May in New Brunswick!  Please let me know if you have any questions.



Joel Tickner
Director, Green Chemistry and Commerce Council

2018 Lowell Center for Sustainable Production University of Massachusetts Lowell


The Green Chemistry and Commerce Council is a project of The Lowell Center for Sustainable Production,
a research center at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.