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September 2013

Director's Note
Project Group Updates

Upcoming Webinars
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Director's Note

Dear Colleagues,

We hope you have had an enjoyable summer and that you are gently easing back into the rush of fall activities. 

Over the summer we launched our projects for the 2013/2014 project year.  They are big and ambitious and they reflect the vision, enthusiasm and engagement that GC3 members have brought to the table over the past eight years. 

We modified our website to make it more user friendly, including a feed on our homepage from our new GC3 Facebook, containing short GC3 updates.  We hope to use social media over the coming year to highlight the innovative efforts of GC3 members as well as our own project activities and accomplishments.  If you would like to have one of your projects, presentations, or articles highlighted on our Facebook and homepage, please reach out to Monica Becker.  

The news articles highlighted in this issue demonstrate the growth of green chemistry efforts.  As a result of GC3’s outreach and support for green chemistry language in the America COMPETES Act, the National Science Foundation established its SUSChem Program to fund innovative green chemistry research.  And Chemical and Engineering News’ 90th Anniversary issue has an article focused on Green Chemistry (see links to articles below). We have a long way to go to mainstream green chemistry, but these developments provide great hope and inspiration.

As always, thanks for your on-going support.


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Joel Tickner, GC3 Director


Project Group Updates

Advancing Green Chemistry Education
The GC3 Education group has recently had a few meetings to discuss a series of webinars that will be offered this fall and winter. The webinars will discuss the value of green chemistry, how toxicology relates to green chemistry and provide an overview of decision tools.

During the meeting in September, we will follow up on some webinar details as well as start up the discussion of developing a green chemistry bootcamp training again. The next working group call will be on September 27th, time TBD.  If you are interested in joining these discussions, please contact Saskia Van Bergen.

Engaging Retailers in the Adoption of Safer Products
In August, Roger McFadden of Staples and Sally Edwards and Joel Tickner of the Lowell Center presented a webinar for the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) on "Tools to Help Retailers Source and Sell Safer Products." There were 45 participants in the webinar.  In response to a poll during the webinar regarding how the GC3 can be of assistance to retailers, participants indicated interest in receiving additional education on this topic via webinar and also were interested in a project where a few retailers would  try some of the tools described and share results and lessons learned. The GC3 is currently working with several retailers to develop this project.

In addition, the GC3 continues to work on convening a Retail Leadership Council to spearhead its retail efforts. The Lowell Center is also looking to hire a part time retail specialist on a consulting basis to help with outreach to retailers.  If you know of anyone suited for this position, please ask them to contact Amy Perlmutter.

Facilitating Chemical Data Flow Along Supply Chains
The Chemical Data-CBI project group is continuing work to develop a roadmap for considering the contexts in which CBI chemical data might be required as part of supply-chain transactions, the types of information that could be sought, and the availability/adequacy of approaches for meeting the requirements and concerns of both parties to a transaction involving sharing of chemical information.

During the next call, in September, we will provide a recap of the project for anyone who is new to the group, review potential next steps for the project that have been suggested by project team members, and begin to consider the shape of an interim report on the work completed and lessons learned during the past year.  For the interim report, the goal is to draft a report this fall.  During the call, we will discuss the objectives for the report, and consider -- and get feedback from the group -- on a draft outline.  During the writing of the report, we will be asking project group members for targeted input on key sections.

Mainstreaming Green Chemistry
The GC3 is convening a project group, under the leadership of Bob Israel of Valspar, to provide advice and input on the development of An Agenda for Mainstreaming Green Chemistry.  The project group will consist of a small number of representatives from business, government, academia, and non-profit organizations to explore ways to make Green Chemistry the norm for chemistry.  GC3 members on the Advisory Group are Martin Wolf of Seventh Generation, and Mary Grim of Timberland. 

A kick off call for this project will be held in September.  The resulting Agenda will be an overarching framework for mainstreaming green chemistry that includes key partnerships, policy needs, research, education, and investments.

Promoting Green Chemistry Innovation

We officially kicked-off the project with a call on August 22 with an overview and discussion of project group goals and objectives, workplan, and webinars scheduled and in the works.  The slides and notes for the call are on the project page of the GC3 website.

On Sept. 17, Kaichang Li, Professor of Wood Science & Engineering at Oregon State University and creator of the adhesive used in Purebond Plywood will present on his experience as an academic researcher, developing commercially-relevant green products and commercializing them through co-funding and licensing agreements.  On Oct. 8, Rui Resendes, Executive Director, GreenCentre Canada, will walk us through the Centre’s innovative business model for commercializing early stage green chemistry inventions from academia and small to mid-sized companies. Register today for these webinars!

Our next group call is scheduled for Friday, Sept.  27 at 2pm EST/11am PST.   On this call we will present and discuss ideas for a new GC3 Green Chemistry Innovation initiative, solicit other ideas from the group, brainstorm potential partner organizations, and decide on next steps.


Upcoming Webinars


Successful Industry Collaborations for Evaluating the Performance of Safer Chemical Alternatives

Greg Morose, Research Manager, Toxics Use Reduction Institute
Thursday, September 12, 2013
1pm Eastern/10am Pacific

This webinar is co-hosted by the Green Electronics Council GEC-Logo.jpg
Evaluating the technical performance of safer alternatives to chemicals of concern is a crucial and sometimes challenging step in conducting chemical alternatives assessment (AA).  In this webinar Greg Morose will discuss two successful collaborations that focused on lead-free solder for printed circuit boards and alternatives to hexavalent chrome sealants for aerospace applications.  Dr. Morose will discuss how TURI structures the collaborations and the hands-on testing of alternatives as well as the challenges and lessons learned.
li emailer.jpg

Professor Kaichang Li: Successes and Lessons from a Serial Green Chemistry Innovator

Kaichang Li, Professor, Oregon State University
Tuesday, September 17, 2013
2pm Eastern/11am Pacific

Kaichang Li, Professor of Wood Science & Engineering at Oregon State University, observed mussels tenaciously gripping rocks on the Oregon coast.  This led to the development and commercialization of a bio-based, formaldehyde-free adhesive that has revolutionized the forest products industry and is a green chemistry success story.  Other technologies soon followed.  In this webinar we will hear about Dr. Li’s successes and challenges with academic/industry co-development and commercialization.

Accelerating Commercialization of Green Chemistry Technologies at GreenCentre Canada

Rui Resendes, Executive Director, GreenCentre Canada
Tuesday, October 8, 2013
2pm Eastern/11am Pacific


Formed in 2009, GreenCentre Canada has an impressive track record of commercializing early stage green chemistry inventions from academia and small companies. This green chemistry-focused organization employs a unique business model designed to pull commercially relevant green chemistry ideas out of the lab and into commercial applications.  Rui Resendes, Executive Director of the Centre, will walk us through their business model and describe the Centre’s successes, challenges and future directions.


EPA’s New ChemView Database 

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The National Science Foundation’s Investment in Sustainable Chemistry, Engineering, and Materials

For more information on the work of the GC3, contact Sarah_Shields@uml.edu or call 978-934-2997.

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