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GC3 Webinars

The GC3 hosts webinars on topics of interest to the members. Presentations given as part of these webinars are available below.

Upcoming Webinars

Making the Business & Economic Case for Safer Chemistry

Tuesday, June 9, 2015
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

Please join ASBC and the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (CG3) for a webinar on our new report “Making the Business & Economic Case for Safer Chemistry," which found significant market growth potential for safer, less toxic chemicals.



Back by popular demand!

GC3 Green Chemistry Education Webinar Series: 
The Role of Policy in Green Chemistry Research & Adoption

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

Corporate and public policies play an important role in driving green chemistry innovation and adoption.  Policies that range from research and development, education, tax and investment incentives to purchasing preferences and regulations at the state, federal, and international levels can all positively or possibly negatively impact demand for and supply of green chemistry alternatives.  Corporate sustainability and innovation policies, often motivated by external factors, can drive investment and build a culture of product stewardship within the firm.  It is important that material designers, chemists, and business managers within firms understand the role of policy in accelerating green chemistry.  This webinar will provide an overview of the range of policies that can affect chemical design and product development and adoption and outline how policy affects research and developing at a major chemical manufacturer.

SASKIA VAN BERGEN, Green Chemistry Scientist, Washington State Department of Ecology

, Director of Green Chemistry and Commerce Council, Associate Professor of Environmental Health UMASS Lowell
ROBERT GIRAUD, Principal Consultant, Environmental Engineering, DuPont Company



The Clariant Portfolio Value Program System: How a Leading Specialty Chemical Company has Developed a Systematic Approach for Improving the Sustainability Performance of its Products

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

Clariant, one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies, has developed a systematic approach for the advancement and continuous improvement of the sustainability performance of its products: the Clariant Portfolio Value Program System (PVP System).

The PVP System is intended to drive product and portfolio sustainability within Clariant, by helping to identify sustainability potential in the product portfolio, as well as the most pressing sustainability issues, which will aid the development of a portfolio improvement roadmap.

Evaluation criteria encompass environmental, performance and social aspects:

  • Planet: Raw materials & sustainable sourcing and environmental protection (water, energy, climate, air, waste)
  • Performance: Integrated sustainable business and performance advantages
  • People: Safe use, transparency and information and addressing megatrends and societal needs

Using a unique double assessment, product groups are compared against absolute sustainability risks and benefits and market standards to enable Clariant to identify opportunities for product differentiation and improvement.

SALLY EDWARDS, Sc.D Senior Research Associate, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production

LYNETTE CHUNG, Group Sustainable Development Policy and Advocacy Manager, Clariant International Ltd



GC3 Green Chemistry Education Webinar Series:  Introduction to Life Cycle & Alternatives Assessment

Thursday, June 18, 2015
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT

Global supply chains are increasingly complex, and it is particularly challenging to obtain consistent information on the safety of chemicals and materials in products. Manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers alike are looking for better ways to navigate this information and make decisions around materials, products and processes. A plethora of screening and decision tools have emerged in the last 15-20 years. This webinar will provide an overview of the landscape of available tools and provide two examples of how companies are using tools to screen alternatives and assess the life-cycle impact of products.

, Principal and Founder, Environmental & Public Health Consulting
THADDEUS OWEN, Chief Engineer, Sustainability, Herman Miller
TOM ETHERIDGE, Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard



Past Webinars


Training and Incentivizing Merchants to Purchase Sustainable Products - Three Perspectives

February 4,  2015

Jason Pearson, Executive Director, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
Larry Garcia, Senior Environmental Analyst, Seattle City Light
Rob Kaplan, Sustainability Director, Walmart


The Coop Story: How a leading Danish Retailer is working to eliminate endocrine disrupting chemicals from its products 

April 30, 2014

– Malene Teller Blume, Compliance Manager, Coop


Tools to Help Retailers Source and Sell Safer Products: RILA Webinar

August 7, 2013

– Roger McFadden, Senior Scientist, VP, Staples
– Sally Edwards, Senior Research Associate, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production
– Joel Tickner, Director, GC3


The Guide to Safer Chemicals: How Retailers Can Improve Chemicals Management

December 10, 2012

– Mark Rossi, Co–Director of Clean Production Action


The Federal Trade Commission's Green Guides: What Retailers Need to Know

September 12, 2012

– Laura Koss, Senior Attorney, Federal Trade Commission


The Boots UK Story: How a British Retailer is Moving Beyond Compliance and Leading the Way in Reducing Toxic Chemicals in its Products

April 5, 2012

– Stephen Johnson, Head Of Quality & Technical Policy, Boots, UK


The Making and Marketing of Greener Products

January 11, 2012

– Al Iannuzzi, Senior Director of Product Stewardship and Green Marketing, Johnson & Johnson



In Pursuit of Green Chemistry: Perspectives on Careers in Industry

March 11, 2015

Julian Silverman, Graduate Researcher, NESSE member
- Cory Robertson, Environmental Chemist, HP
- Drummond Lawson, Environmental Chemist, Arcteryx
- Kristi Budzinski, Green Chemistry/BioPharma Program Manager, Genentech


Building Market Share for Green Products

December 16, 2014

- Steve Davies, Director of Public Affairs & Communications, NatureWorks
- Saskia Van Gendt Captain Planet, Method
- Charlie Forslund, Principal, Material Innovation Exploration, Steelcase


GC3 Green Chemistry Education Webinar Series: Introduction To Green Engineering

July 29, 2014

– Julie Zimmerman, Assoc. Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering & Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University
– Matthew Eckelman, Assistant Professor Department of Civil &Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University
– Julie Schoenung, Professor & Vice Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, University of California, Davis


GC3 Green Chemistry Education Webinar Series: The 12 Principles of Green Chemistry-Sustainability at the Molecular Level

April 7, 2014

– Amy Cannon, Ph.D., Executive Director, Beyond Benign
– John C. Warner, President and Chief Technology Officer, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, LLC


GC3 Green Chemistry Education Webinar Series: Integrating Toxicity Information into Chemical Design

March 18, 2014

- Martin J. Mulvihill, Executive Director, Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry 
- Jakub Kostal, Chief Scientific Officer, Sustainability A to Z, LLC
- Nigel Greene, Associate Research Fellow Compound Safety Prediction Group, Pfizer


Toxicology and Why You Should Care

January 12, 2014

– Cal Baier-Anderson, Toxicologist, US Environmental Protection Agency
– Steven Gilbert, Director, Institute of Neurotoxicology & Neurological Disorders
– Rob Roy, Lead Toxicology Specialist, 3M Medical Department


The Value of Green Chemistry

October 10, 2013

– Helen Holder, Corporate Material Selection Manage, Hewlett-Packard Co.
Andy Shafer, Executive VP Sales and Market Development, Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc.
 Tse-Sung Wu, Program Manager, Environment, Health and Safety Department, Genentech


Moving From Class Rooms to Board Rooms: Approaches to Green Chemistry Education

June 29, 2010

– Dr. Amy Cannon, Co–Founder and Executive Director, Beyond Benign


Nanotechnology and the Environment: Benefits and Risks

March 30, 2010

– Kristen Kulinowski, PhD, Director, International Council on Nanotechnology; Executive Director, Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology



Advancing Green Chemistry Through Business to University Partnerships: Lessons from BASF

March 26, 2015

Chris Hewitt, Science Relations Manager, North America for BASF


CEO Perspectives on Sustainability: What this Means for Green Chemistry

January 6, 2015

Don Reed, Managing Director, PwC Sustainable Business Solutions


U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) and its Role in Supporting Green Chemistry

December 10, 2014

Blandine Trouille, Strategic Analyst, US Department of Commerce


Successful Industry Collaborations for Evaluating the Performance of Safer Chemical Alternatives

September 12, 2013

Greg Morose, Research Manager, Toxics Use Reduction Institute


Chemical Substances in Products, Policy and Management Tools

June 21, 2011

– Paul Ellis, Quality Regulation Manager, Kingfisher PLC


Green Chemistry and Green Seal

September 22, 2009

– Christine Chase, Green Seal, Inc.



Advancing Green Chemistry Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry: The GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtables Research Grant Program

December 12, 2013

– Julie Manley Guiding Green LLC & Coordinator of the ACS, Green Chemistry Institute's Pharmaceutical Roundtable


Using Crowdsourcing to Solve Green Chemistry Challenges & Create New Market Opportunities 

October 23, 2013

– Alph Bingham, Founder & Board Member, InnoCentive


Accelerating Commercialization of Green Chemistry Technologies at GreenCentre Canada

October 8, 2013

– Rui Resendes, Executive Director, GreenCentre Canada


Professor Kaichang Li: Successes and Lessons from a Serial Green Chemistry Innovator

September 17, 2013

– Kaichang Li, Professor, Oregon State University


Green Chemistry Innovation in the Chemical Industry: Venturing and Start-Ups

November 18, 2012

– Cora Leibig, Vice President of R&D, Segetis and Erik Rutten, Senior Investment Manager, DSM Venturing



Eliminating Restricted Substances in the Apparel & Footwear Supply Chain: The AFIRM Supplier Toolkit

February 28, 2013

– Nathaniel Sponsler, Manager, Product Regulations, Gap Inc.


Technology Advances Green Chemistry: Four Case Studies on how GreenWERCS has Helped Advance Safer Chemistry

September 20, 2011

– Kieran Callahan, Director, Business Development, The Wercs Ltd.



An Overview of EPA's Current Activities to Support Alternatives Assessment and Safer Chemistry

February 1, 2011

– Wendy Cleland-Hamnett, Director Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, EPA


California's Draft Regulations for Safer Consumer Products and their Implications for Green Chemistry

September 28, 2010

– Maziar Movassaghi, Acting Director, California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)



Webinar Participation Details
Participation in the webinar is free to GC3 member companies. Participation information will be circulated to GC3 members over the green-innovation listserv. If you are not a GC3 member and would like to register to attend please fill out the non-member registration form for the desired webinar.

For further details please contact us.

Full webinar recordings are also available to GC3 Members.