Aequor, Inc.

Aequor is a woman-owned small business that has synthesized over 30 novel chemical compounds discovered in the ocean. All of the compounds are “green” and non-toxic, yet highly potent to prevent and remove 99.99% of bacterial biofilm, which is the cause of microfouling (microbial contamination, product degradation, corrosion, slime) and macrofouling (the attachment of barnacles, mussels and algae to surfaces in contact with water). Aequor’s compounds can be used alone to replace toxic or ineffective biocides in consumer, agro/industrial, and clinical end-use products, or can be used in combination with existing biocides to “bio-boost” their efficacy at lower concentrations. Some of Aequor’s chemical compounds additionally kill the target and are considered new antimicrobials and drug candidates.

Website: www.aequorinc.com