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SciVera Lens™

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SciVera offers two web-based software products that combine to evaluate chemical ingredients in materials and products for human health and environmental hazards. The SciVera Lens™ Chemical Safety Assessment Platform (CSA) reviews product ingredients and generates a safety assessment report, while the SciVera Lens™ Secure Supplier Platform (SSP) enables manufacturers to engage their supply chain in chemical data collection.

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Product Stage of Life Evaluated

Raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, consumer use, end of life

Tool Description

SciVera Lens™ is a two-part software platform that allows manufacturers to collect data from their supply chain, then quickly evaluate that product data with an automated safety assessment report. Via their web browser, users upload a bill of materials (BOM) or bill of substances (BOS), which is automatically processed to deliver hazard and risk assessments as well as customized restricted substance identification. The platform allows secure exchange of these assessment results with suppliers and customers, while protecting proprietary information and formulations. The SSP tool can collect BOM and BOS directly from suppliers and deliver assessment results throughout the supply chain. The CSA tool also allows exploration of various scenarios for improving a product’s chemical hazard or risk profile.

Product Categories

All Sectors

Tool Requirements

Suppliers or manufacturers must upload a bill of materials or substances for their product.

Cost of Tool

SciVera lens™ is accessed through a subscription. The cost varies depending on the desired plan and size of the enterprise. 

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: It is an easy to use software tool that goes beyond the use of authoritative lists and regulations regarding toxic chemicals. SciVera's™ toxicologists review scientific literature and use expert judgment and data modeling as necessary. Exposure is also considered.

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betterproducts@scivera.com or 434-974-1301

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