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Health Products Declaration Standard (HPD)

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Health Products Declaration Standard (HPD)

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Standards, Certifications & Labels

At a Glance

The Health Products Declaration is a customer-led, non-profit, membership organization that will continue to develop, maintain and evolve the HPD as a format to meet the needs of customers (designers, specifiers, builders, developers, owners, and users) for reporting of product content and associated health information related to individual building products and materials. 

The Health Product Declaration Standard provides the only authoritative guidance on how to properly prepare a Health Product Declaration for a product. In addition to the written guidance, the HPD Standard Includes a Template which provides a visual reference describing how the declared information should be presented- form field prompts and approximate order. The HPD uses criteria based on  the Green Screen for Safer Chemicals as hazard indicators.

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Tool Owner/Sponsor

The Health Product Declaration Standard was originally developed by the HPD Working Group with the support of the Materials Research Collaborative, a non-profit collaboration of the Healthy Building Network and Building Green. It is now managed by the HPD Collaborative.

Type of Entity


Focus of Evaluation

Product chemical ingredients-their potential effects on human and environmental health.

Product Stage of Life Evaluated

Raw materials, manufacturing, consumer use

Impact(s) Evaluated

Ecological health, human health, material impacts and worker health and safety.

Tool Description

The Health Product Declaration provides a user-friendly online form for manufacturers to accurately disclose product contents using a standard, consistent, and transparent format customers can easily digest. For customers who want to know what is in the products they are specifying, buying, and using, the HPD provides easy-to-understand information about the product contents and related health issues.

The HPD Standard is broken into sections to ease the documentation process. People in the company most familiar with the themes outline will go through the following steps:

Identify- Fill out manufacturer information and product description

Inventory- Collect the documentation and list product contents

Assess- Review contents against authoritative chemical Hazard Lists

Compliance- Provide the details of product testing and compliance

Accessories- Note installation/maintenance/cleaning/operations materials

Summarize- Confirm the summary page, fill in explanatory notes and release date

Publish- Share with your customer

Product Categories

Building Materials & Products

Tool Requirements

Company personnel are required to fill out the HPD Template which includes description of the product including: manufacturer, release and expiry date, residual disclosure, health and environmental hazards.

Cost of Tool

The HPD may be used free of charge and can be downloaded at:

Evaluation Frequency

The Health Product Declaration was generated following the requirements of the noted Standard version and is valid for a total of three years after date of issue or three months after a substantive change of product content occurs. Accuracy of claims made in the Health Product Declaration is the sole responsibility of the listed manufacturer and certifier.

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