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UL Transparency Platform

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UL Transparency Platform

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UL I&I delivers information and resources to enable customers to manage their complex global supply chains transparently, holistically and efficiently. UL brings its customers and the marketplace the information and resources needed to make smarter, more informed sourcing decisions. UL connects purchasers who need information about a product with producers who have that valuable information.

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The UL Transparency Platform is powered by The GoodGuide

Focus of Evaluation

Personal care, household chemicals, and food products, as well as appliances, apparel, and automobiles through its web and mobile applications.

Impact(s) Evaluated

Safety, Healthy and Socially responsible products and companies.

Tool Description

Decision support tools enable suppliers to understand and act upon customizable assessment data across the supply chain. Product uploads are facilitated through a simple, easy-to-use interface, and each supplier controls visibility to its retail customers.

Custom views can be created to meet the functional needs of multiple users and use case scenarios. Industry regulations are updated continuously to reduce risk and ensure compliance. All product information is private and secure.

  1. Request for data
  2. Enter Data
  3. View Results
  4. Decision Support
  • Retailer requests that you submit data for review
  • Easily upload and manage data from up and down the supply chain
  • Instantly gauge product and materials performance against retailer standards
  • Utilize tools to help you understand and act upon assessment results

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