IMD Natural Solutions GmbH

The biotech company IMD Natural Solutions (INS) is specialized in nature derived fine and special chemicals. INS develops and produces innovative ingredients and extracts from micro-organisms and plants for FMCG industry and provides R&D services for life science industry. INS focuses on product preservation in open and closed shelf-life, processing and hygiene. INS has created a glycolipid, new antimicrobial molecule, produced by a edible fungus, which is providing a broad microbial protection spectrum. The result is a color- and odor-free preservative, highly active against fungi, yeasts and gram-positive bacteria. INS runs its own full-scale fermentation facility so that it can supply the market with sufficient volumes. Based on its long-term experience in microbial source based production and in antimicrobial and antioxidant testing, INS offers ready to market solutions as well as strategic perspectives for cosmetics / personal care, food, beverage and tech industry.

Website: www.imd-natural-solutions.com