ISC3 - International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

ISC3 – the International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre – promotes and develops Sustainable Chemistry solutions worldwide. Collaboration across sectors and actors is the key principal of this independent institution. ISC3 provides a platform where all players from policy, civil society, industry and academia can come together to exchange and develop new innovative solutions for the most pressing problems of our time. We promote a new system thinking along the life-cycle of products and processes in order to contribute to a circular economy. We act as a global think tank that initiates research and innovations and disseminates results as a global knowledge broker. A new global Start-up service for the most sustainable business models will be in the heart of our transformative activities. We will promote only those solutions today, which we do not regret tomorrow and will contribute to the sound management of chemicals and waste. As change and transformation starts in the mindset of people we will initiate an International School on Sustainable Chemistry. Sustainable Chemistry will be crucial to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN Assembly in September, 2015. The SDGs map out the course until 2030 taking the most relevant problems of the planet into account.

Website: www.isc3.org/en/home.html