Sweetwater has developed a commercial-scale, proven platform technology that efficiently processes biomass into three high value component parts: cellulosic sugars, microcrystalline/nano fibrillated cellulose, and a clean lignin biopolymer. In just 20 seconds, Sweetwater's modular technology creates highly fermentable sugars with low inhibitors, ideal for biofuels and biochemicals, fermentable to near theoretical maximum yields. Sweetwater's specialty cellulose products are very low cost and can be produced at scale ranging from small to large at a single site. Finally, Sweetwater's lignin biopolymer is unique: it is non-sulfonated with highly reactive hydroxyl groups and is easily fractionated into different molecular weights for a broad array of applications. This highly efficient, reliable technology processes over 90% of a given biomass into high value final products, making it the first economically viable biorefining platform to effectively compete with petroleum-based products in history.?

Website: sweetwater.us