GC3 Membership

GC3 member companies and other organizations are at the forefront of the movement to advance the application of green chemistry and design for the environment and the production of safer chemicals, materials and products. Our member companies span 13 major sectors and the entire value chain—from chemical manufacturing to retail.  Members bring their leading-edge experience, know-how and unique perspectives to collaborative GC3 projects, GC3 meetings and webinars that share and drive industry best practices. 

The GC3 is a one-stop forum for staying on top of the latest developments in green chemistry and DfE practices in industry. Join now to be part of the leading-edge!

GC3 membership entitles your company/organization to:

Membership Guidelines

Organizations can join the GC3 if they have read and agree with the mission and goals outlined in the GC3 introduction, including the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry and the DfE approach.  The GC3 by-laws require that a minimum of 75% of GC3 members are individual companies. 

GC3 members are asked to follow certain guidelines, including:

  • Participate in annual GC3 Roundtables and project group calls.
  • Work to advance the GC3 mission within their own organizations and through the GC3.
  • Allow the listing of their organization on the GC3 member website, unless specifically requested otherwise.
  • Allow inclusion of contact information for one or more individuals in the organization for other members to access.
  • Understand that participation in the GC3 is voluntary and non-binding; reports and outcomes of the GC3 do not necessarily reflect the policy or opinion of individual participants or of participating companies.
  • Pay membership dues at or above the required minimum amount.