Nigel Greene photo Nigel Greene

Associate Research Fellow, Compound Safety Prediction Group, Pfizer
Webinar: Integrating Toxicity Information into Chemical Design

Nigel Greene, Ph.D., is an Associate Research Fellow with Pfizer Global Research Company specializing in compound safety prediction. His specific duties include establishing and managing a group of Ph.D. level scientists using computational modeling and analysis to help predict the safety profile of early discovery programs and aid in chemical series and compound selection prior to first in vivo studies using chemical properties and in vitro assay profiles. Dr. Greene’s other activities include the mining of internal and public databases of gene expression data to explore biological mechanisms of toxicity and aid in the development of new in vitro assays for safety profiling by conducting in vitro experiments to try to confirm the computational hypotheses derived from these transcriptional databases. Dr. Nigel Greene holds a Ph.D. in Organometallic Chemistry; his thesis entitled “Organophosphorus Transition Metal Chemistry” was received from the University of Leeds (1994) and a B.S. in Chemistry and Computational Science from the University of Leeds (1991).