Engaging Retailers in the Adoption of Safer Products


Retailers play a key role in the supply chain as they are the interface between product manufacturers and customers.  They face many challenges in gathering information about chemicals in their products, determining whether any ingredients are of potential concern to human health and the environment finding safer alternatives to ensure that the products they source and sell are effective and meet customer demand for safer products.  The aim of this group is to promote safer chemicals, materials and products across retail supply chains.

Current Project

The GC3 is convening a Retailer Leadership Council (RLC) composed of a select group of retail leaders who are pro-actively working to: understand what chemicals are in their products, engage their suppliers in improving chemicals management, find safer alternatives to chemicals of concern, develop and implement chemicals policies, and educate their customers.  Members of the RLC have significant decision-making responsibility related to supply chains or product formulation at their firms (are generally at the Vice President level). The RLC will work together to identify at least one project annually to support the Council mission and will reach out to engage and inform other retailers.

Contact Sally Edwards or Amy Perlmutter for more information.

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Past Group Deliverables

Retailer Portal: Tools to Evaluate Chemical Ingredients in Products

October 2011

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Notes from Retailer Portal Calls

Retailer Portal Project Documents

Compilation of Terms Marketing Green Products: A Green Glossary

November 2010

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Best Practices in Product Chemicals Management in the Retail Industry

December 2009

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