Information for New Members

Welcome to the GC3!

There are many ways that you and your organization can gain value from your membership in the GC3.  How to participate depends on your needs, interests and availability.

The main ways to engage include:

1.  Participating in GC3 Project Groups

GC3 Project groups meet on average once per month via teleconferences to plan and execute collaborative, value-add projects for GC3 members. Project groups and project details are decided upon at our annual GC3 Innovators Roundtable.  The groups are facilitated by either a GC3 staff person or a GC3 member and result in a deliverable that is designed and produced by the group. 

Information on 2015/2016 GC3 Project Groups can be found on the GC3 website.

2.  Participating in GC3 Webinars with Leading Practitioners

The GC3 hosts regular webinars on topics of interest to its members. Participation is free for GC3 members.  Check the webinars page of the GC3 website for information on upcoming webinars.  Members have free access to audio recordings and slides from all GC3 webinars.

Instructions for setting up a username and password are included at the bottom of this page.

3.  Attending our annual GC3 Innovators Roundtable at a discounted member rate

The annual GC3 Innovators Roundtable is a favorite event for GC3 members. The Roundtable is a fairly intimate meeting — approximately 160 participants from leading-edge companies and other organizations — replete with excellent panels and discussions and great opportunities to exchange and develop new ideas, meet new colleagues and catch up with old friends. Check out the Roundtable events page for information on past Roundtables.

GC3 members get a significant discount off the general registration price.

4.  Staying up-to-date on GC3 activities through regular (but not too many!) emails and our newsletter

Mailchimp is the main way that the GC3 communicates with its members.  Content includes information on upcoming GC3 webinars, other events and project group activities. 

The GC3 newsletter provides more detail on project group activities, related news of interest to GC3 members and GC3 event reminders.

5.  Getting recognition for your company/organization’s membership in the GC3

The GC3’s Current Member webpage provides an opportunity for you to provide information on your company’s products, services and website. To add your organization’s information, please email us.

6.  Accessing contact information for other GC3 Members

For many GC3 members, the on-line Member Directory is an often-visited listing of contact details for GC3 colleagues, for year-round exchange of ideas and networking.  This page is only available to GC3 members.

Contact us if you have any questions or feedback on this information.