GC3 Meeting Archives


Past GC3 Innovators Roundtable Participant Lists

2017 GC3 Roundtable (Steelcase Inc: Grand Rapids, MI)
2016 GC3 Roundtable (Seventh Generation: Burlington, VT)
2015 GC3 Roundtable (Nike: Beaverton, OR)
2014 GC3 Roundtable (3M: St. Paul, MN)
2013 GC3 Roundtable (Johnson & Johnson: New Brunswick NJ)
2012 GC3 Roundtable (NSF International: Ann Arbor, MI)
2011 GC3 Roundtable (HP: Cupertino, CA)
2010 GC3 Roundtable (Corporate Express: Houston, TX)
2009 GC3 Roundtable (Staples: Denver, CO)
2008 GC3 Roundtable (Nike: Beaverton, OR)
2007 GC3 Roundtable (Lowell, MA)
2005 Darden Business Conference (Charlottesville, VA)

Member Update Calls

July 2017
Follow up to Innovators Roundtable, GC3 Strategic Planning for 2017-2018 and 2018 Innovators Roundtable
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March 2017
GC3 Innovators Roundtable, Startup Network and Metrics Project
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December 2016
Enhancing GC3 Communications and Increasing Green Chemistry Funding at the Federal Level
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September 2016
Membership Update, Events and Project Plan 2016/2017
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July 2016
Innovators Roundtable Recap and Project Updates
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February 2016
Project Updates: GC3 Mainstreaming Green Chemistry Initiative & GC3 Collaborative Innovation Project
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Additional GC3 Meetings

2nd National Summit for Retailers: New York City, May 7, 2013
Summary: Product Chemicals Management for Retailers Meeting. Watsonville, CA, May 3, 2011 (pdf)
Summary: GC3 Visit to Washington, D.C. September 16-17, 2009 (pdf)
Summary: NPPR/GC3 Meeting, Chicago, IL, October 3-4, 2007 (pdf)
Summary: High Production Volume Conference Austin, TX, December 14, 2006 (pdf)

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