Member Advisory Committee


lori bestervelt


Global Operational Lead
at Scivera

At Scivera, Lori Bestervelt works to expand Scivera’s engagement of brands and their suppliers worldwide to deliver enhanced insight on chemicals, formulations, and materials using the SciveraLENS SaaS software platform. Through her extensive background in toxicology, business process development, and product certification, Lori has spent much of her career leading teams in new ways to evaluate and understand chemicals towards the creation of safer products. During her 20-plus years at NSF International — a global testing, inspection, and certification service provider based in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA — Lori built and grew several highly successful paper writing product and process certification programs.

Chris Cassell


Vice President of Corporate Sustainability
at Lowe's Companies Inc.

“I am excited to partner with, and learn from, a dynamic group of super-smart people who are passionate about driving innovation in green chemistry and promoting safer and healthier products for the world. The GC3 has done some amazing work already, and I believe their new strategy and organization will help to accelerate progress on green chemistry issues. Delivering safe, high-quality, and healthy products is core to my work at Lowe’s, and GC3 has been a great ally in this endeavor. Plus, they are an amazingly fun group to work with!”

Todd Cline


Director of Research & Development
at Procter & Gamble

“GC3 is a fantastic example of collaboration across the supply chain of ingredient producers, brands, and retailers to bring green chemistry powered innovation, fueling the future for more sustainable products. GC3’s collaborative approach to help accelerate the development and adoption of green chemistry across the value chain is consistent with P&G’s mission. to leverage cutting-edge science to enable our global product innovation strategy and delight consumers in a way that not only solves their needs and pain points but creates irresistibly superior experiences when they use them. I personally have been committed to GC3 for not only for the reasons above, but also for the terrific friendships and mentorship I have experienced over my years of working with the organization. I think the size of GC3 truly sets up very meaningful engagements and friendships as we come together as a group.”

jennifer foreman  JENNIFER FOREMAN


Regulatory Affairs Advisor
at ExxonMobil Product Solutions Company

Jennifer Foreman is a Regulatory Affairs Advisor for ExxonMobil Product Solutions Company since 2019 where she applies a holistic understanding of the regulatory environment, as well as product characteristics and end use specifications, to guide advocacy and compliance decisions. From 2019 to 2012 she was a Toxicology Associate with ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, Inc (EMBSI) engaged in technical advocacy and product support. Prior to joining ExxonMobil she was an NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Molecular Toxicology and Carcinogenesis at the Pennsylvania State University. She is a PhD scientist and DABT toxicologist who has focused on the science of risk assessment including publications on applied toxicology for regulatory decision making. She continues to apply her background by bringing scientific understanding to the regulatory landscape.


Senior Chemist & Director of the Chemistry Center of Excellence at Nike, Inc

“I’ve been involved with GC3 for almost 15 years. First when I worked for an NGO championing policy on chemicals in consumer products, then while at a state regulatory agency focused on environmental health, and now as the sustainable chemistry lead for a major brand. My history with GC3 sums up why I value the work of the organization:  GC3 brings together people from industry, academia, NGOs, and government to advance a common goal of safer, sustainable, green chemistry. This broad-based approach leads to real world, data-backed actions that will transform our supply chains and ultimately reduce the impact of chemical use on people and the planet.”

John Hott


Director, Global Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs
at Eastman

“GC3 has been the preeminent green chemistry innovation interface between academia, industry, government, and NGOs for the past several years, and I want to be able to continue contributing to this great effort. In the past, GC3 has proven itself as an active partner on many Green Chemistry fronts (for example, alternative initiatives/challenges, retail engagement, and supply chain initiatives). From this established beginning, we have a solid baseline from which we can continue to harness and propel ourselves into future greatness via collaborations, project groups, and more.”

Roger McFadden


Chief Science Officer
at Roger McFadden and Associates, LLC

“My journey with the GC3 began 16 years ago in November 2005. Here are three of the many reasons I continue to participate in GC3:

  • Networking and learning from the GC3 community. The collective and collaborative influence and actions of our colleagues validate and reinforce our commitment to green chemistry and help inform, educate, and inspire us.
  • GC3 Innovators Roundtables help us stay current with green chemistry news, information, experiences, trends, and best practices to help us meet our commitment to green chemistry, safer chemicals, materials, and products. I have attended all sixteen of them.
  • GC3 Project Groups provide a way for us to learn from our colleagues with diverse backgrounds while sharing our knowledge, experience, and ideas in a safe harbor and pre-competitive environment, facilitated by an impressive GC3 staff of hard working and committed professionals.”

Greg Montello


Chief Technology Officer
at SiShield

“New Balance has had a strong partnership with UMass Lowell for many years, creating opportunities for students within our innovation and polymer sciences departments. Through this partnership, we learned about the creation of the GC3. At NB, we believe in innovative materials and chemistry applications that bring unique benefits to our athletic products. The NB Product Chemistry Department leads a team of subject matter experts providing resources to drive continuous advancement of product chemistry, product safety and chemical compliance and traceability best practices within the NB footwear, apparel, and equipment supply chains. We do this based on transparency of our programs, science-based decision making, and collaboration with relevant external stakeholders like the GC3 to manufacture safer and sustainable products using green/preferred chemistry. Because the GC3 is a cross-industry collaborative organization, it allows NB to discover materials that may not have necessarily been identified for use within footwear and apparel manufacturing.”


Director of Safety & Stewardship
at Beautycounter

“GC3 applies a systems approach to identifying and realizing opportunities to bring safer and more sustainable chemicals to the market, leveraging partnership and respecting the role various actors play in the ecosystem. The organization’s ambitions are great, but unquestionably essential to planetary stewardship.  I’m thankful the opportunity to support GC3 in its endeavors, combining my experience in science, policy, advocacy, and the private sector."

alexandra mcpherson


Director, Investor Environmental Health Network
at Clean Production Action and Niagara Share

Alexandra McPherson is director of the Investor Environmental Health Network (IEHN) for Clean Production Action (CPA), a nonprofit advancing market and policy-based solutions for a safer chemicals economy.  Through IEHN, Alexandra supports investor led corporate engagement efforts to advance green chemistry and reduce financial risks associated with chemical pollution.  Alexandra is also the principle of Niagara Share where she co-leads the Collaborative for the Regenerative Economy (CoRE) with the University at Buffalo's Materials Design and Innovation Department and Clean Production Action. CoRE advances new tools essential to accelerating the development of safer materials for clean energy technologies. Alexandra has co-authored several publications outlining the transformative change that is within our reach, including, “Elements of Change: Moving forward together toward a cleaner, safer future”, and “Greening Consumer Electronics: the Move Away from Chlorine and Bromine”.  Alexandra is an adjunct professor for the University at Buffalo’s School of Management, teaching their PMBA course on Sustainability as a Business Strategy. She also serves on the board of Clean and Healthy New York.