Speed Scouting

Join us online on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, from 10:00-11:30 AM ET as we introduce the newest members of the GC3 Startup Network! The 2022 cohort includes novel, more sustainable solutions for apparel & footwear, personal care & cosmetics, cleaning products, packaging, consumer products, adhesives & coatings, pharmaceuticals, and others. This fast-paced, interactive format is designed for efficiency and productivity; only 1.5- hours from your own office to decide if a one-on-one meeting is warranted. 
The list of startups with noncompetitive slide decks will be available in advance of the event.

Scout virtually, then consider meeting them in person in Philadelphia on November 8 at the Innovation Activation session at the GC3 Innovators Roundtable. You must register in advance to participate in this event.  

Agenda (Subject to change)

10:00 – 10:05 AM ET

Opening Remarks

10:05 – 10:20 AM ET

1st set of pitches:

10:20 – 10:37 AM ET

Panel discussion with first set of startups

Adrian Horotan, General Partner, Safer Made
Sandy Tschantz, Principal Formulator, S.C. Johnson & Son
10:37 – 10:49 AM ET

2nd set of pitches:

10:49 – 11:03 AM ET

Panel discussion with second set of startups


Adrian Horotan, General Partner, Safer Made

Sandy Tschantz, Principal Formulator, S.C. Johnson & Son 

Panelists Bios

11:03 – 11:25 AM ET

Meet the Startups (Breakout Session)

Each of the startups will be assigned a breakout room. 
Audience selects which startup room to attend.

11:25 - 11:30 AM ET

Closing Remarks


Bright Path Laboratories’ is pushing the pharmaceutical industry forward with its disruptive, sustainable, and advanced technology. Bright Path's green, agile, and adaptable approach to domestic manufacturing uses Artificial Intelligence, Green Chemistry, and a Continuous Flow platform to make our processes more efficient and less wasteful. Bright Path's vision is centered around strengthening America's essential medicine supply chain, reducing the risk of life-saving drug shortages, and improving the accessibility, affordability, and reliability of medicines for all—including for those in underserved and overlooked patient populations.


Curie Co is the standard for long-lasting, sustainable personal care. We fashion biological solutions from the basic building blocks of life. Our enzymes are gentle for people and the planet. From hand soap, body wash, hair care products, skincare, and beyond, we give product formulators the freedom to build powerful, long-lasting formulations that are nature-based from the bottom up.


DetraPel is a sustainably innovative advanced materials company that specializes in synthesizing and manufacturing PFAS-Free protective coatings. Along with unparalleled research and understanding of protective coatings, striving to implement planet-friendly solutions is at the core of every formulation. Bringing innovative, cost effective, and environmentally safe chemicals to industry is the company’s edge in creating strategic solutions for even the most complex challenges. DetraPel focuses on solutions for a diverse range of consumer and industrial end markets including: textile, paperboard, food packaging, automotive, healthcare, and more. Custom product development, chemical processing, contract manufacturing, and other offerings are part of DetraPel’s greater objective.

At Dirty Labs Inc., we're merging science and design to change home and laundry care for the better. Dirty Labs is all about clean. Using cutting edge innovation in biotech, we're creating innovative solutions to help keep our clothes and living spaces clean, without the use of harsh chemicals, toxins or allergens.


gluECO Adhesives LLC is a formulator and manufacturer of biobased, fully sustainable adhesives, binders, and films. Based on corn protein, the products are highly tunable to meet specific application requirements. Easily crosslinks or encapsulates a wide variety of compounds. Current market focus is on binding different materials when biodegradability/composability is required, binder for biomass to manufacture composite materials, and a dermal film for cosmetics and personal wellness uses.


We are a mission-driven material science company founded on the premise of eradicating unnecessary single-use plastics. Rooted in sunny Melbourne, Florida, minutes from the ocean, we formulate, develop, and commercialize novel out-of-this-world personal care plastic waste-free products that lather, cleanse, and nourish without compromise. Our ethos drives the next generation of products, and we remain firm believers that the future of personal care stems from the breakthroughs we make in our lab today. Our target markets are Consumer Package Goods (CPGs) companies in the personal care and beauty space, as well as partnering with Hospitality industry, specifically, hotels.


Ourobio is a young synthetic biology & circular economy company. We develop engineered microorganisms to turn industrial byproducts into low-footprint, performance-enhancing biodegradable plastic additives, & are currently using whey-containing byproducts to produce PHB-bound masterbatches with high bio-based indigo concentrations. PHAs are suited to replace upwards of 90% of plastic cosmetic packaging, as well as a large number of outdoors, foodservice, medical, & agricultural goods, and current market trends indicate the consumer 3D printing industry as a high-potential beachhead given its familiarity with bioplastics, small volume requirements, high margins, & low regulatory barriers.


RenewCO₂ is revolutionizing monomer production from carbon dioxide emissions with its Electrocatalytic Carbon Utilization Technology (eCUT) that is low cost, energy efficient, and carbon negative.


RiKarbon, Inc. is commercializing proprietary technologies for manufacturing sustainable and upcycled products from waste feedstocks to substitute petroleum-based resources used in everything from cosmetics to packaging materials. The company’s initial product offering includes (1) agricultural waste derived 100% bio-based emollients for natural and safer cosmetics and (2) post-consumer plastics’ hydrolytically breakdown plastics building block feedstock for high value renewable polymers. Our technology platforms are protected by Composition of Matter & Mfg. Processes.