Startup Cohorts

The following startups were selected to participate in the annual GC3 Startup Showcase providing an opportunity to network and foster relationships to bring technologies and products to market that advance one or more of the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry.

2020 Startup Cohort

Postponed due to COVID-19.

2019 Startup Cohort

Akron Ascent Innovations (United States)
Akron Ascent Innovations has developed a new adhesive technology platform offering a unique combination of high strength, excellent removability and reusability on a wide range of surfaces.

Colorifix Limited (United Kingdom)
Colorifix uses a biological process to produce, deposit and fix pigments onto textiles. 

Defunkify (United States)
Definkify believes that the toxins all of us put in, on and around our bodies matter. Starting from a clean slate, using the safest ingredients and then testing for performance as well as mixture toxicity, Defunkify makes cleaning products that are both high performance and eco-friendly.

Ecovia Renewables (United States)
Ecovia Renewables is an early-stage biotechnology company commercializing a proprietary bioprocess and companion chemistry platform to create a variety of biopolymer products for end-markets.

EmulGreen (Canada/Germany)
EmulGreen is a Canadian-German green chemistry startup that pushes towards a more sustainable chemicals sector with their current focus on emulsifiers.

Evolved by Nature (United States)
Their proprietary active Silk™ technology is base on pure, natural silk in liquid form, and is manufactured using water, salt and natural oil from cocoons that are by-products of the textile industry.

Genecis Bioindustries Inc. (Canada)
Genecis converts food waste into biodegradable plastics and other high value materials.

Iron Shell Material Technologies (United States)
Iron Shell Material Technologies is an early stage R&D startup focused on innovative iron-based, carbon-negative materials for construction and other industries.

Magnomer (United States)
Magnomer is a manufacturer of novel magnetic inks for plastic packaging for the circular economy.

Performance BioFilaments Inc. (Canada)
Performance BioFilaments Inc. is focused on the commercialization of Nanofibrillated Cellulose, which is a new biomaterial produced from renewable forestry feedstocks.

Visolis, Inc. (United States)
Visolis uses biology to manufacture high-performance materials.

VivaVax Inc. (Canada)
VivaVax is a biomaterials company developing next-generation surface coatings and novel biologic delivery platforms. 

2018 Startup Cohort

ACTICELL GmbH (Austria)
Acticell develops chemical procedures for the innovative surface treatment of cellulosic material.

Advonex International Corporation (Canada)
Advonex International develops and sells sustainable ingredients for lubricants, cosmetics, personal care products and other markets.

Checkerspot, Inc. (United States)
As a design-centric materials company, Checkerspot's applications development capability brings-to-life performance materials created through biology and chemistry.

Material Alchemy (United States)
Translating science into commercial products that use sustainable materials.

Modular Genetics, Inc. (United States)
Modular Genetics, Inc. uses its proprietary automated gene engineering system to create new products.

Nature Coatings (United States)
Nature Coatings develops high performing black pigments from wood waste.

Novomer, Inc. (United States)
Novomer is commercializing a family of high-performance, cost-competitive, environmentally-responsible polymers and chemicals based on a proprietary catalyst technology that utilizes bio-based raw materials.

Penelope Mimetics (United States)
Penelope Mimetics conducts research and development in synthetic biology that advances the technical maturity of sustainable supply chains.

Solugen, Inc. (United States)
Solugen produces high-performance chemicals from plant-derived substitutes, including their hydrogen peroxide technology.

SusTerea Biorenewables LLC (United States)
SusTerea uses the power of chemistry to create useful materials from biorenewable feedstocks, unlocking the potential of naturally-occurring sugars.

Tandem Repeat Technologies (United States)
Tandem Repeat focus on sustainable manufacturing to create programmable textiles.

Tethis, Inc. (United States)
Tethis develops and manufactures super-absorbent materials built from plant-based feedstock sources.

xF Technologies Inc. (United States)
xF Technologies Inc. is a technology development company utilizing sustainable chemistry to produce non-toxic specialty chemicals.

2017 Startup Cohort

Chinova Bioworks (Canada)
Chinova Bioworks has developed a natural antimicrobial preservative using a fiber from mushrooms, chitosan. It's a broad-spectrum and clean label.

Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. (United States)
Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. creates novel, high-performing specialty chemicals from natural oils using a proprietary Nobel Prize-winning catalyst technology called olefin metathesis.

Hybrid Coating Technologies (United States)
Hybrid Coating Technologies (HCT) has developed, patented, and now sells the world’s first Green Polyurethane™ for foam, coatings, adhesives and sealants that does not use toxic isocyanates or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

IMD Naturals (Germany)
IMD Natural Solutions specialized in nature-derived fine and specialty chemicals. to develop and produce innovative ingredients and extracts from micro-organisms and plants for the FMCG industry. Aquired by Lanxess in 2018.

The Center for Biorenewable Chemicals (CBiRC) (United States)
The Center for Biorenewable Chemicals (CBiRC) develops platform technology for the transformation of biomass to drop-in and novel biobased chemicals.

Kalion, Inc. (United States)
Kalion provides access to high purity glucaric acid from renewable resources for a wide range of applications.

LumiShield (United States)
LumiShield has developed a novel, chrome-free pretreatment process called Lumidize® to deliver powerful and economical corrosion prevention and improved paint adhesion.

mobius (United States)
Formerly known as Grow Bioplastics. mobius is creating renewable chemicals, materials, and energy from waste...starting with biodegradable plastics made from lignin. 

Paxymer (Sweden)
Paxymer is a flame retardant synergistic technology for boosting the performance of halogen free flame retardants in plastics.

Poly6 (United States)
Poly6 is driving industry 4.0 additive manufacturing solutions for the most complex manufacturing processes in aviation and energy.

Sironix Renewables (United States)
Sironix Renewables produces bio-renewable surfactants for a broad range of markets with a commitment to environmental stewardship, safety, and performance.

Sylvatex (United States)
Sylvatex has developed a platform nanotechnology using biomass-derived inputs to manipulate chemicals, fabricate materials and structures, produce energy and enhance our environment by providing cheaper solutions.

2016 Startup Cohort

Aequor, Inc (United States)
Aequor develops proprietary green chemical agents to replace toxic biocides.

Amyris, Inc (United States)
From plant-sugars to anti-malarial drugs, Amyris' proprietary process of engineering organisms (yeast) uses renewably-sourced carbon from plants to make sustainable, custom molecules that allow customers to make better, more effective products that are better for people and better for the planet.

Biosynthetic Technologies (United States)
Biosynthetic Technologies is commercializing revolutionary renewable chemical technologies by converting plant-derived fatty acids into high-performance synthetic oils able to replace petroleum-based fluids common in motor oil, industrial lubricants, personal care products and other chemical applications; with safer, cleaner alternatives.

Connora Technologies (United States)
Connora Technologies is a venture backed, next-generation chemical company with expertise in design of performance thermoset materials. Their revolutionary Recyclamine® polymer technology forms the basis for creating a new market around transformable and reusable thermoset plastics. Aditya Birla Chemicals Thailand Limited acquired Connora Technologies’ Recyclamine technology in July 2019.

GFBiochemicals (The Netherlands)
GFBiochemicals produces levulinic acid derivatives at commercial scale directly from biomass. 

Mango Materials (United States)
Mango Materials is transforming waste biogas into eco-friendly, affordable materials while creating a positive environmental impact.

P2 Science, Inc. (United States)
P2 Science has developed a set of unique chemical process technologies for converting renewable feedstocks into high-value, specialty chemicals, including flavor and fragrance ingredients, cosmetics ingredients and renewable monomers.

Renmatix (Canada)
Renmatix uses water and science to create powerful plant-based ingredients from under-used plant materials.

Rennovia (United States)
Rennovia focused its unique High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) capabilities to develop breakthrough catalysts and processes for the production of cost advantaged “drop-in” chemicals from sugars. Filed for bankruptcy in 2018.

Resinate Materials Group (United States)
Resinate Materials Group is committed to advancing the use of recycled content in specialty polyols, the backbone of materials such as coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers and foams. Acquired by Carlysle Construction Materials in January 2020.