Board of Directors


Peter Nieuwenhuizen


GC3 Chair of the Board
Founding Partner, European Circular Bioeconomy Fund

“GC3 is one of those rare organizations that bring together a heartfelt drive for change, as well as the intrinsic capability to bring it about - the hands-on chemical and change-management know-how needed. I’m honored to be part of, and contribute to, this journey.”


Lynette Chung


GC3 Treasurer
Chief Sustainability Officer, Covestro

“GC3 combines a clear mission, trusted expertise and unique capabilities in bringing together actors and stakeholders across the full value chain, jointly addressing challenges and opportunities in advancing sustainable chemistry solutions. I feel grateful to be part of this organization, and honored to promote its mission and efforts.”


Jennifer Duran


GC3 Director
Vice President - Global Product Resiliency & Sustainability, Kenvue, Johnson & Johnson

“GC3 is an exemplary forum where the entire value chain convenes to drive the adoption of safer and more sustainable chemistries, materials and products.  I am honored to be part of that journey and contribute my expertise to the Board.”


Jason Pearson


GC3 Director
Executive Director & Solution Leader, Anthesis Group

“By focusing private sector innovation, in general, on the ambitious challenge of United Nations Agenda 2030, we can accelerate collective progress toward our shared Global Goals. Green chemistry innovation, in particular, can contribute across many of these Goals, and the GC3 is a critical catalyst (pun intended) for this work. By bringing leadership companies together, identifying shared challenges, and developing shared solutions, the Council harnesses the power of collective action to drive innovation toward a just, sustainable future for all.”


Darcy Prather


GC3 Director
President, Kalion, Inc.

“As the leader of a startup, it is invaluable to engage in honest dialogue with companies throughout the supply chain about both the benefits and challenges that we each face for our piece in bringing green products to market.  It is a privilege to work with a group so deeply committed to positive change.”


Bryony Schwan


GC3 Director
Leadership Coach & Organizational Development Consultant, Swan Consulting, LLC

“Having spent more than two decades working to protect women, children and the environment from some of the most hazardous chemicals, I'm thrilled to be working in partnership with forward-thinking, innovators working to design safer chemicals and more sustainable products. Nature offers us hundreds of examples of sophisticated, elegant and benign chemistry, and the GC3 network brings together the best and the brightest to learn, collaborate and innovate.”


Joel Tickner


GC3 Founder & Director
Professor of Public Health, UMass Lowell

“The GC3 is a unique collaborative accelerating commercialization and adoption of safer, more sustainable chemicals throughout the value chain.  We build practical understanding of barriers to safer, more sustainable chemistry at scale and then identify leverage points to drive change.  We listen and build trust among members, create a safe space for difficult discussions, and network key stakeholders to solve common problems.  The GC3 is a trusted resource to companies, governments, and other stakeholders working to effect large-scale changes in the chemistry that underpins most of the economy.”