Projects Overview

Research and outreach activities and deliverables that advance the GC3 mission are carried out through a series of smaller project groups. The projects for each year are decided at the Annual GC3 Roundtable based on suggestions by participants and members, and consultation with the GC3 Advisory Committee. The projects are facilitated by a GC3 staff person.  The scope of the projects, timeline, and specific deliverables are developed by members of each project group. All GC3 members are encouraged to participate and take leadership in project groups.

Project Groups for 2016–2018


The aim of this group is to promote safer chemicals, materials and products across retail supply chains. Currently, the group is convening a Retailer Leadership Council (RLC) composed of a select group of retail leaders who are pro-actively working to: understand what chemicals are in their products, engage their suppliers in improving chemicals management, find safer alternatives to chemicals of concern, develop and implement chemicals policies, and educate their customers. Members have significant decision-making responsibility related to supply chains or product formulation at their firms (are generally at the Vice President level).   The RLC will work together to identify at least one project annually to support the council mission and will reach out to engage and inform other retailers.


The goal of the Advancing Green Chemistry Education project group is to embed green chemistry in academic and professional education across supply chains to build a field of professionals with a strong understanding of the nexus between chemistry, product design, and sustainability.  The current focus of this group is the development and pilot testing of training curriculum for business professionals across job categories on green chemistry and safer alternatives.


The aim of this project is to identify ways to make Green Chemistry synonymous with chemistry.  The resulting Agenda for Mainstreaming Green Chemistry will be an overarching framework to do so that includes key partnerships, policy needs, research, education, and investments.


The aim of this group is to learn about new models of innovation and collaboratively explore how these new approaches can be utilized to spur green chemistry innovation to bring new, safer chemicals and materials to market and encourage their adoption.  Our current focus is models of “open-innovation,” where R&D extends beyond the boundaries of the enterprise, pulling in outside ideas and leveraging internal ideas outside the organizations. 

Past Projects

Facilitating Chemical Data Flow Along Supply Chains

The overall aim of this project group is to advance the efforts of GC3 companies to gather chemical data within their supply chains, for use in green chemistry and design for environment activities and for reporting to regulatory agencies and consumers.  Our current project focuses on assessing how to optimize B2B chemical information transactions that involve CBI.

Business and Academic Partnerships for Safer Chemicals

In this project, which is now complete, the GC3 project group developed and piloted a new model for businesses and academic institutions to collaborate to assess safer chemistry alternatives. The pilot focused on assessing alternative plasticizers for wire and cable applications.