Supply Chain Working Group

GC3 SCWGThe GC3 launched the Supply Chain Working Group in 2019 to provide a forum for brands, formulators, and chemical manufacturers to address the unique challenges they face in effectively responding to increasing market demands for green chemistry solutions. This group focuses on sharing, delivering information and creating dialogue around the needs to advance the development, commercialization and adoption of green chemistry solutions.

It is one thing for the market to demand green chemistry alternatives, and quite another for suppliers, product manufacturers and brands to be able to deliver those solutions quickly and cost-effectively – while matching the performance of incumbent chemicals. As a convener of the entire value chain, the GC3 recognizes those challenges and is working to help suppliers to accelerate the commercialization of green chemistry by establishing the Supply Chain Working Group.

In its first year, there will be many opportunities to shape the agenda of this new working group and we encourage suppliers and brands of all sizes to engage with us in developing programming that addresses your needs.

For more information on the Supply Chain Working Group, please contact Rachel Simon at rachel_simon@uml.edu.