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Representatives from GC3 member companies have expressed an urgent need for education of their employees and supply chains in various aspects of green chemistry. In response, the GC3 Education Group organized a series of webinars with expert speakers and developed this into an online introductory green chemistry curriculum. This curriculum could constitute a two-day in-person training. The training is comprised of webinars, ranging from introductory talks to more advanced lessons in specific tools and applications of green chemistry, as well as supplemental reading materials to expand upon the presentations. The result is a free training resource that we hope will provide a useful foundation for any business audience, such as purchasers trying to understand new corporate sustainability initiatives, technical assistance providers, formulators who need a grounding in toxicology, or even students seeking careers in green chemistry.

Using the Safer Chemistry Training

The content of the Safer Chemistry Training is organized by topic. To view the webinars, click here to access the descriptions, then click on the title of a webinar for more details and a link to view the video. On the details page, clicking on a presenter's name will take you to their portion of the webinar. Slides without video are also available on the details page. The Safer Chemistry Training is a free educational resource, so please feel free to link to it or use it in your internal training.

Chemistry Rating

chemistry-rating-1Each presenter has been assigned a chemistry rating indicating the level of chemistry knowledge recommended for viewing their presentation. The ratings range from 1, indicating no specific chemistry knowledge needed, to 5, indicating an advanced chemistry education is recommended.


We welcome feedback on the Safer Chemistry Training as well as ideas for additional webinars or resources. Please contact gc3info@greenchemistryandcommerce.org if you have any questions or comments.