GC3 Member Update - April 2021


New Preservatives Pilot Will Guide
GC3 Commercialization Hub Development

Since the GC3 Preservatives Challenge concluded in 2018, the GC3 has engaged in a transformational strategic planning process to leverage our unique role in bringing together the entire value chain, with a clear focus on actively driving commercialization of safer, more sustainable chemistry.

One of the central elements of our new strategy is development of a Commercialization Hub to accelerate the pace of commercialization and scale of safe, sustainable chemistry innovation across the value chain. This concept grows directly out of our work with the original GC3 Preservatives Challenge, which identified a number of new preservative alternatives. As we reviewed that project, we kept asking ourselves: what if we went beyond selecting the winners, and did more to help bring those promising new technologies to market? What could that look like? Could we do more to create a market environment where safe and effective preservatives flourish?

So, the GC3 is undertaking a pilot – building on the earlier preservatives project – to identify a best-in-class commercialization process that can be used to guide the ongoing development and commercialization of alternative preservative technologies. This pilot will help establish the GC3 framework for actively supporting commercialization and scale of new safer, more sustainable chemistry alternatives. Learnings from this pilot will lay the groundwork for our future Commercialization Hub implementation.

Mark Maxwell has joined the GC3 team to lead this pilot. Mark was most recently Business Director for startup Resinate Materials Group and an integral member of the team that negotiated Resinate’s acquisition by Carlisle Companies in early 2020. Prior to that his 35 years of business and commercialization experience included a long career at Dow Corning. Given his commercialization track record with both large and small companies, we are delighted to have him leading this project.

Call for Applicants!
Serve on Advisory Committee for New GC3 Member Organization

Now that the GC3 has been established as a nonprofit member organization, we are setting up a renewed and expanded Advisory Committee, which has long served as a vital “voice of the membership” in our work. This is especially significant as we begin to implement our new strategic direction and develop new programming. If you are a GC3 member, and/or work for a GC3 member company, please consider applying to participate in the GC3 Advisory Committee by filling out this form, by April 30.

What it is: The Advisory Committee represents all sectors of the GC3 membership and the full value chain. It is a non-fiduciary, advisory body and an important mechanism for understanding trends, emerging market developments, technical advances and feedback from GC3’s membership base. Ideal contributors to this group are members interested in playing a more active role in the GC3, providing insights to advance the commercialization of safer, more sustainable chemistry in the marketplace.

What it does:

  • Provides feedback on ideas, plans, programs and questions the GC3 is facing. Elevates challenges members face selling and sourcing green chemistry solutions.
  • Provides advice, guidance, market insights, or technical knowledge, based on strong awareness of the broader ecosystem to the GC3 leadership and board.
  • Communicates and champions GC3 priorities and updates to the broader membership. Support GC3 leadership in socializing new initiatives and building support for the organization’s mission.
  • Educates the marketplace and various external stakeholders about drivers of green chemistry innovation and the mission and value of the GC3, and actively recruits new companies as members.
  • Provides input on technical matters, and/or connects the GC3 with experts who can help address technical questions.

We will be accepting applications for participation in the GC3 Advisory Committee through April 30. Applicants will then be contacted for next steps.

Discounted A4 Membership Offered to GC3

As a new benefit to GC3 members, we are pleased to announce that the Association for the Advancement of Alternatives Assessment (A4) is offering discounted membership for employees of GC3 member companies. The A4 is the first professional society for the interdisciplinary field of alternatives assessment, the science policy approach to evaluating and selecting safer alternatives to priority chemicals based on hazard, comparative exposure, cost, and performance. Alternatives assessment is increasingly used by firms across the supply chain to evaluate alternative chemicals and materials choices and alternatives assessment requirements are being incorporated into government policies.

The A4 was founded by a group of academic, industry, government, and non-profit researchers and practitioners to build a community of practice for this growing field. It is hosted by the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, which founded and served as the original home for the GC3. A number of GC3 members are on the A4 Executive Committee. A4 dues are normally $150 per year. Visit the A4 website to find out more information about becoming a member.