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Chemical Compliances Systems (CCS) has developed a variety of chemical compliance tools, eight of which are included in GreenSuite®, a web-based system to help companies and retailers manage chemical ingredients in products using risk assessment. The GreenSuite® tools analyze risks for various chemicals, products, and processes across the life cycle. These include tools for evaluating alternative chemicals, product design, process design, waste stream, manufacturing process, and life cycle assessment.

What Is Evaluated?

Focus Impacts
  • Chemicals
  • Materials
  • Products
  • Companies
    • Ecological health
    • Human health
    • Social responsibility
    • Materials efficiency
    • Energy use


The first four GreenSuite® tools include 44 ecological, health, and safety endpoints to test the “greenness” of a chemical product, process, or waste stream based on data from the Relational Chemical and Product Database (R-CPD).

  • Tool #1 COC-DDS (Chemicals of Concern Data Delivery System)
  • Tool #2 GP-CAS (Green Product Compliance Analytical System)
  • Tool #3 GP-PACS (Green Process Analytical Compliance System)
  • Tool #4 G-WACS (Green Waste Analytical Compliance System)

Tool #5 G-PEAS (Green Process Engineering Analytical System) utilizes manufacturing process factors to quantitatively determine process sustainability efficiencies (e.g. water usage, process safety, energy consumption,) based on 24 criteria.

Tool #6 provides protected and confidential business information from suppliers to enable GreenSuite® supply chain risk assessments.

Tools #7 and #8 provide exposure scenario risk assessment analyses for chemicals and products. GreenSuite® uses similar exposure values from the Dutch ConsExpo system for six product categories (i.e. cleaning, cosmetic, disinfectant, toys, etc.), but CCS can work with other industries to create additional product categories with specific exposure cases.

Optional GreenSuite® Risk Assessment Output Reports can be requested in 3 different formats:

  1. Detailed Proprietary Report: retained by the manufacturer, includes confidential product and chemical data and detailed risk assessment discussion
  2. Nonproprietary Report: provided to customers by the manufacturer, includes generic data/descriptions
  3. Certification Report: provided by the manufacturer to any/all customers, certifies 100% components assessed against 44 ecological, health, and safety endpoints, classifies the risk, and includes consumer exposure risk assessment


GreenSuite’s tools have various requirements for use, some requiring product formulation information, chemical data, or emissions data. The three report formats detailed above allow flexibility in retaining proprietary information.


GreenSuite® is available via subscription.  The fee is determined by company size. The annual fee is based upon user group sales or budget and modules requested. 

For More Information

George Thompson: georgethompson@chemply.com

Chemical Compliance Systems, Inc. 973-663-1120, helpdesk@chemply.com

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