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Chemical Compliance Systems, Inc.


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Chemical Compliance Systems, Inc. (CCS) creates and updates databases to help companies manage information on hazardous materials and chemicals in their products and processes. R-CPD is a repository of hazardous materials containing cross-functional chemical data for materials risk assessment and management, environmental/safety/hazard information, and regulatory and security information. The content is customizable for each customer.

What Is Evaluated?

Focus Impacts
  • Chemicals
  • Materials
  • Products
  • Companies
    • Ecological health
    • Human health
    • Social responsibility
    • Materials efficiency
    • Energy use


R-CPD contains over 80 million data elements for 280,000 chemicals. This database is divided into four relational tables:

1. Chemical Data: consists of a cross reference dictionary that connects over 750,000 chemical identifiers to Chemical Abstract Service Numbers, physical and chemical data customized for various customers, ecological/health/safety hazard characteristics, files on chemical alternatives by functional categories, and comprehensive data tables used for environmental and health risk assessments.

2. Regulatory Lists and Data: contains over 800 state, federal, international, NGO, corporate, and trade association chemical regulations and related data.

3. Product Data: includes links to over 1.5 million chemical product MSDS’s found on over 10,000 manufacturer’s websites.

4. Supplier Data: provides confidential product composition data files for suppliers, which can be included in product and process risk assessments without disclosing CBI.

All of the R-CPD content is customizable for each client and serves as a single source for materials risk assessments, regulatory and security information, and data for safety, environmental, and health risk assessments.  




CCS databases are available as part of a 3-year subscription service. Fees are determined based on the organization’s budget or annual sales revenue and which modules/databases are requested. 

For More Information

Chemical Compliance Systems, Inc. 973-663-1120, helpdesk@chemply.com

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