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3E Online®-SDS

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3E Online®-SDS is web-based MSDS/SDS management software that provides online access to chemical inventory and associated MSDSs. The modular programs offer a variety of options based on organizational needs, all of which can be accessed through a web browser with no installation required.

What Is Evaluated?

Focus Impacts
  • Chemicals
  • Materials
  • Products
  • Companies
    • Ecological health
    • Human health
    • Social responsibility
    • Materials efficiency
    • Energy use


3E Online®-SDS comes in three editions—Silver, Gold, or Platinum—with a variety of additional modules to add functionality. All subscribers receive MSDS management with basic search functionality, the ability to create secondary container labels and generate reports, and access to a call center to assist with MSDS requests, chemical spills, and poison exposure emergencies. The Gold package offers expanded search functionality and advanced chemical analysis features, while Platinum offers enhanced chemical search, regulatory impact analysis, chemical approval workflow capabilities, and more. Optional capabilities include:

  • On-site inventory assessment by a specialist
  • Chemical classification according to fire prevention standards, SARA & DHS candidate lists, and the Ariel regulatory database
  • Chemical approval notifications allowing manager to control what chemicals enter a facility
  • Regulatory reporting tools including SARA and REACH
  • Green Product Analyzer – provides information about the toxicity and EHS hazards of constituent chemicals


Depending on the services used, companies may need to input chemical inventory, submit safety data sheets, or more.


Contact company for cost information.

Examples of Retailers That Use It


For More Information

Jenny Bingham: jbingham@3ecompany.com;
Jeffrey Starr: jstarr@3ecompany.com;
Company Telephone: (800) 360-3220 or Company Email: info@3ECompany.com

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