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SafeTec Compliance Systems


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SafeTec offers software as a service to help businesses better understand and manage the hazardous materials in their workplaces. Customers select services as needed, with options ranging from authoring safety data sheets to on-site chemical inventory and environmental reporting. 

What Is Evaluated?

Focus Impacts
  • Chemicals
  • Materials
  • Products
  • Companies
    • Ecological health
    • Human health
    • Social responsibility
    • Materials efficiency
    • Energy use


SafeTec’s software and services include several different functionalities. Some of the more notable ones include:

(M)SDS Management

End-to-end management of (material) safety data sheets, streamlining management, compliance, and reporting related to chemicals. (M)SDS can be submitted by the customer or retrieved directly from the manufacturer, indexed for searching, and monitored for revisions, among other features.

Chemical Tracking & Inventory

In-depth inventory control to track physical locations and containers of chemicals, monitor usage, and see available chemicals at a glance. SafeTec also offers on-site inventory with experts who document all chemicals, input them into the system, and create corresponding labels.

Environmental Reporting

Comprehensive tools for environmental reporting and regulation, combining up-to-date information from global regulatory agencies and a (M)SDS database to automatically populate forms. Includes Tier I & II reporting, TRI Form R Reporting, and custom reporting to meet federal, state and local requirements.

Visit http://www.safetec.net/what-we-do/ for a full list of software capabilities.


Depending on the services used, companies might need to input chemical inventory, submit safety data sheets, or more. 


Contact SafeTec for cost information.

Examples of Retailers That Use It

American Eagle Outfitters, Bi-Mart Corp, Disney, Shaw Industries

For More Information

(360) 567-0280 or information@safetec.net

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