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Building Market Share for Green Products

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Many companies have begun using green chemistry principles in designing their products and manufacturing processes, but the conversation about how best to leverage green practices to build market share is ongoing. Is it better to advertise oneself as a green company, or to focus exclusively on product performance?

In this webinar from the ongoing GC3 Education series, three companies share their approaches to marketing their sustainable practices. Topics include opinions on green labels on product packaging, attending conferences to highlight sustainable innovations, and philosophies on expanding sustainability beyond green chemistry.

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Steve Davies
Director of Public Affairs & Communications, NatureWorks
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Saskia van Gendt
Captain Planet, Method
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Charlie Forslund
Principal in Material Innovation Exploration, Steelcase
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Learning Objectives

  • Be aware of different approaches to marketing green products
  • Understand similar demands for “the 3 P’s” across various markets
  • Learn about the motivations behind creating greener products

Recommendations for Prerequisites

This webinar is suitable for all audiences.

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