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Green Chemistry: Benign by Design

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Integrating green chemistry into design can have a major positive impact, reducing or eliminating the use and generation of toxic feedstocks, by-products, solvents, and all other associated products. One of the fathers of green chemistry, Dr. John Warner, provides an introduction to green chemistry, as well as ideas for how to build this concept into education and practice.

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John Warner
President and CTO, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry
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Learning Objectives

  • Understand why green chemistry is important to professionals in all fields
  • Learn the basic principles of green chemistry
  • Identify where green chemistry fits in the process of product design

Recommendations for Prerequisites

This webinar is suitable for all audiences.

Additional Material

 Videos of the 12 Green Chemistry Principles

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Green Chemistry. J. C. Warner, A. S. Cannon, K. Dye. J. Environ. Impact Assess. 24, 775, 2004.

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