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Toxicology and Why You Should Care

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As companies review or develop new products and production processes, chemicals that may be of concern can be designed out. One field that is essential for the design of safer chemicals, materials and processes is the field of toxicology. Historically, the fields of chemistry and toxicology have worked separately—with one focused on design and the other on environmental health and safety. By bridging the gap between chemistry and toxicology, innovative, safer products can be developed and regrettable substitutions can be avoided. In this webinar, three toxicologists provide an overview of the science of toxicology and how it can be used to design and evaluate safer products.

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Steven Gilbert
Director, Institute of Neurotoxicology & Neurological Disorders
Chemistry Rating: 2
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Cal Baier-Anderson
Toxicologist, US Environmental Protection Agency
Chemistry Rating: 1
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Rob Roy
Lead Toxicology Specialist, 3M Medical Department
Chemistry Rating: 1
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Toxicology and Alternatives Assessment at 3M
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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the definition and basic principles of toxicology, and the role of toxicologists in green chemistry
  • Learn about methods for hazard evaluation in chemical selection and alternatives assessment
  • Understand the difference between risk and hazard

Recommendations for Prerequisites

This webinar is suitable for all audiences.

Additional Material

A Small Dose of Toxicology
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How New Toxicology Can Catalyze Green Chemistry
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