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Training and Incentivizing Merchants to Purchase Sustainable Products

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Purchasers have enormous power in driving the market for sustainable products, but the competing demands of price and performance often push sustainability to the back burner. This webinar features three speakers who are leading efforts to increase the purchase of sustainable products, beginning with broad principles for sustainable institutional purchasing from the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council. Speakers then discuss practical training and incentive programs to encourage purchasers to buy and use sustainable products, with examples from government organization Seattle City Light and retail giant Walmart.

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Jason Pearson
President & CEO, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
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Rob Kaplan
Director of Product Sustainability, Walmart
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Larry Garcia
Senior Environmental Analyst, Seattle City Light
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Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate the role of institutional purchasing and purchasers in advancing safer chemistry
  • Learn about implementation of sustainable purchasing in a retail company
  • Understand how a government organization can adopt safer chemical use policies

Recommendations for Prerequisites

This webinar is suitable for all audiences.

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