Members of the GC3 Startup Network

Startup companies in this network are bringing technologies and products to market that advance one or more of the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry.


Akron Ascent Innovations  

Akron Ascent Innovations

Akron Ascent Innovations has developed a new adhesive technology platform offering a unique combination of high strength, excellent removability and reusability on a wide range of surfaces. The nanofiber-based dry adhesive offers a number of sustainable advantages compared to conventional adhesives for the consumer market, as well as industrial, electronic, and medical sectors.


Checkerspot logo  

Checkerspot Inc.

As a design-centric materials company, Checkerspot's applications development capability brings-to-life performance materials created through biology and chemistry.



Chinova Bioworks  

Chinova Bioworks

Chinova Bioworks has developed a natural antimicrobial preservative using a fiber from mushrooms, chitosan. It's a broad-spectrum and clean label.






Colorifix Limited

Colorifix is committed to a more sustainable future for textiles and fashion. By engineering a revolutionary dyeing technology using synthetic biology, Colorifix converts agricultural byproducts into a wide range of colorants for textile dyeing. By removing all harmful chemistry from the process, we dramatically reduce the environmental impact of this highly polluting sector in a cost-effective manner.







Definkify believes that the toxins all of us put in, on and around our bodies matter. Starting from a clean slate, using the safest ingredients and then testing for performance as well as mixture toxicity, Defunkify makes cleaning products that are both high performance and eco-friendly.



Ecovia Renewables Inc.

We are a R&D-stage biotechnology company commercializing our proprietary Ecovia bioprocess and chemistry platform for a variety of end-markets, including personal care and agriculture.






EmulGreen addresses customer demand for high-performance natural emulsifiers that are biodegradable, non-toxic, mild to the skin and at the same time superior in performance. With our products, cosmetics and personal care manufacturers can reduce emulsifier quantities and increase shelf life.


Evolved By Nature  

Evolved By Nature

Our proprietary active Silk™ technology is base on pure, natural silk in liquid form, and is manufactured using water, salt and natural oil from cocoons that are by-products of the textile industry.



Genecis Bioindustries Inc.

Genecis Bioindustries is a bio-cleantech company that reprograms bacteria to make premium materials from low-value organic waste. With the syn-bio technology platform, Genecis is able to produce biodegradable polymers that can be used to make thermo-resistant packaging, compostable coffee pods and 3D printing filaments, while eliminating the use of fossil fuels in plastics production.




From Innovation to Implementation: Innoverda develops Green Chemistry Processes for Industry involving Organic Synthesis in Water, Flow and Electrochemistry



Iron Shell Material Technologies

Iron Shell LLC builds on its patented iron-based chemistry to develop carbon-negative materials with improved performance for the construction and energy markets. Applications for our petroleum-free organo-metallic composites are being explored in roofing and wall systems, sealants, coatings, and renewable energy generation and storage.




Kalion provides access to high purity glucaric acid from renewable resources for a wide range of applications.




Magnomer is a materials driven solution to the problem of low bottle recyclability. Magnomer’s magnetizable coatings are a design tool for brands and plastic packaging manufacturers to enable cost-effective and scalable recyclability feature to their packaging design without supply chain disruptions.




Mango Materials

Mango Materials produces affordable, biodegradable materials from the greenhouse gas, methane.


Material Alchemy  

Material Alchemy

Translating Science into Commercial Products that use Sustainable Materials




We are developing a new family of compost- and soil-degradable plastics from lignin and other organic waste streams.


nature coatings  

Nature Coatings

Nature Coatings develops high performing black pigments from wood waste.




Novomer is commercializing a family of high-performance, cost-competitive, environmentally-responsible polymers and chemicals based on a proprietary catalyst technology that utilizes bio-based raw materials.




P2 Science

P2 is a renewable specialty chemical company with proprietary process, product and applications technology.





Paxymer is a novel, green, halogen-free flame retardant system for polyolefin plastic designed for both environment and industry



Penelope Mimetics

Advancing the Technical Maturity of Sustainable Supply Chains.



Performance BioFilaments Inc.

Performance BioFilaments Inc. is focused on the commercialization of Nanofibrillated Cellulose, which is a new biomaterial produced from renewable forestry feedstocks. PBI has demonstrated significant benefits of this material in key target markets, such as concrete & mortars, industrial fluids, nonwovens, and polymers.


Poly6 logo  


Poly6, formed out of MIT, is commercializing biomimetic stimuli-responsive polymers that are bio-based and non-toxic with unique performance advantages.




Pyran makes bio-based 1,5-pentanediol - a key chemical for the coatings industry - at 2x lower prices than oil-based alternatives.


 Sironix Logo  

Sironix Renewables

Sironix Renewables produces bio-renewable surfactants for a broad range of markets with a commitment to environmental stewardship, safety, and performance.


Tethis logo  

Tethis, Inc.

Tethis designs and manufactures bio-based polymers for the diaper and other industries.


  VivaVax Inc.

VivaVax Inc is an advanced materials & biotech company focused on protecting sensitive products during transportation and storage. Our external glass coating technology for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and beverage industries achieves the purposes of thermal insulation and glass strength without having to change the composition of the glass itself or come into contact with the product inside.


xf technologies   

xF Technologies

Renewable, Non-Toxic Chemical Company