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Innovating with Intent: Science & Sustainability at Eastman

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With heightened consumer awareness surrounding chemicals and toxins being used in everyday products, it is critical that chemical companies find ways to develop safer products. Eastman Chemical Company is one chemical manufacturer that has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and is actively working to provide its customers with a number of sustainable and safer options.

This presentation will take a deeper dive into the developmental and commercialization process for creating safer chemicals for industrial and consumer products. As a case study, this webinar will highlight a recently launched sustainable solvent from Eastman and will discuss both the need for desirable properties (e.g., enhanced safety profile, good chemical stability, low odor and colorless) for a solvent in cleaning products as well as the specific developmental process behind such solvents. It will also discuss the process used for determining the environmental, health, and safety profile of both the candidate molecules and the ones selected for additional testing and ultimate commercialization.

Finally, the challenges faced in launching and gaining market adoption of a new, safer solvent from a commercial standpoint will be discussed.

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Carol Perkins
Industry Leader, Industrial & Household Care, Eastman Chemical Company
Chemistry Rating: 1
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Mark Pavlin
Senior Technical Associate, Eastman Chemical Company
Chemistry Rating: 5
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David Kossor
Associate Toxicologist, Eastman Chemical Company
Chemistry Rating: 2
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