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Introduction to Life Cycle and Alternatives Assessment

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Global supply chains are increasingly complex, and it is particularly challenging to obtain consistent information on the safety of chemicals and materials in products. Manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers alike are looking for better ways to navigate this information and make decisions around materials, products and processes. A plethora of screening and decision tools have emerged in the last 15-20 years. This webinar provides an overview of the landscape of available tools, and two examples of how companies are using tools to screen alternatives and assess the life-cycle impact of products.

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Ann Blake
Principal and Founder, Environmental & Public Health Consulting
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Thaddeus Owen
Chief Engineer in Sustainability, Herman Miller
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Tom Etheridge
Program Manager of LCA and CF, Hewlett-Packard
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Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the difference between life cycle and alternatives assessment
  • Understand the value and application of these assessments in industrial decision-making
  • Hear examples of successful alternative and life cycle assessments in industry

Recommendations for Prerequisites

This webinar is suitable for all audiences.

Additional Material

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